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  1. ETF's 25th Anniversary

    This January marks the 25th anniversary of the first ever Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) - the SPDRs S&P 500 - bearing the ticker symbol SPY. While index funds in the mutual fund wrapper have been around since 1975, the ETF is relatively new, though not as new as some might think. Much has changed since the first ETF began trading, and there is no question that the investment vehicle has become very popular with both institutions and individual investors.

  2. ETF's : Facts & Fantasies

    In writing these monthly reports, we do our best to assist our readers in keeping up with the fast paced investment world. Recently our reports have focused on the fixed income markets and how interest rates were quickly adjusting to a world with more growth and potentially less Federal Reserve intervention. This month we are turning our focus to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), given that these investment vehicles are gaining more popularity by the day. Surprising to many investors, 2013 marks 20 years of ETFs and below we have laid out some of the facts and fantasies of the popular investment vehicle.

  3. Does it still make sense to own Alts?

    Given an increased interest surrounding the role of alternatives in the context of portfolio construction, it seems fitting to address the role that alternatives play in a well-diversified portfolio.

  4. Battling Recency Effect

    Since this market has yet to see a headline it didn’t like, many investors are expecting a continuation of low volatility and higher market levels into the fall and winter months.

  5. Surviving and Thriving in a Recession

    Lately I’ve been asked by a few investors if we think a recession is in our immediate future. I suspect the reason for the questions is some combination of the media, political tension, and the fact that it’s been a while since the last recession.