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      1. Bitcoin: Interesting, Fascinating….Relevant?

        In a month where risk markets continued to rise, and did so in a relatively calm and quiet manner, it seemed that investors found themselves looking for interesting topics of discussion.

      2. Risk for People Who Don’t Like Statistics

        The genesis for this month’s topic is a telephone call with a Financial Advisor in the area. Not long ago I connected with this advisor to discuss a few clients and catch up on the markets in general.

      3. Forecasting: Art or Science?

        Weather can come with some dramatic flair; and, regardless of how common snowstorms are in the greater New England area, any threat of one tends to wreak havoc for the locals.

      4. My Daughter Thinks I Work for Some Sort of a Political Company

        If you ask my teenage daughter Jane where I work, the answer would be something like: “He works for Baystate Political Management.

      5. Timing – To DCA or Not To DCA (Is that the Real Question?)

        Is Timing Everything? The month of January tends to bring on a slew of year-end reviews for clients. It is often the case that investors like a year-end wrap up.

      6. Looking Backwards and Forwards

        It’s that time of the year again where we recap the prior year relative to our expectations and then look toward the future. While there are plenty of topics to disagree about over the last year, one thing we can probably all agree on is that it’s been remarkably fascinating.

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