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  1. May 2016 Manager's Report

    Q1 and Q2 Review
    As we approach the halfway mark through 2016, asset class returns remain disconnected and mixed. As demonstrated in Table 1 below, Stock returns range from 9.6% to -13.06%..

  2. February 2016 Manager's Report | "Take it Easy"

    Take it Easy
    What a start to 2016. The S7P was down 9% for the year intra-month, while the global stock market, as benchmarked by the MSCI All Country World Index was down close to 10%...

  3. April 2016 Manager's Report

    Global Investing- Is There a Bias?
    March Recap: In like a lion, and out like a lamb? That often describes the pattern for the month of March. This may not perfectly describe the month in ivestment...