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  1. Presidential Election – Is this time Different?

    There is no question that this coming Presidential election is the topic of conversation. Public interest in the election appears to be at an all-time high, with an estimated 84 million people tuning in for the first Presidential debate.

  2. The NFL is Back

    It is August, the heart of the “dog days” of summer. Here in the Northeast, we have had a very hot summer, with one of the longest heat waves in recent memory

  3. In the Wake of Brexit

    This month we thought it would be helpful to review the widely discussed an analyzed “Brexit.” Just a few weeks ago, on June 23rd, the UK held a referendum to determine their status as a member in the European Union (EU).

  4. Election Year

    Almost halfway through 2016 and markets have been on a wild ride to say the least. While most, if not all, major asset classes are in positive territory through the end of May, it surely hasn’t been without some price volatility.

  5. Halfway Mark

    As we approach the halfway mark through 2016, asset class returns remain disconnected and mixed. As is demonstrated in Table 1 below, stock returns range from +9.6% to -13.06% on a year-to-date basis

  6. "Take it Easy"

    What a start to 2016. The S7P was down 9% for the year intra-month, while the global stock market, as benchmarked by the MSCI All Country World Index was down close to 10%...